DJ Outlaw Star

Full name Dominic Townend
Genre Jungle, Drum & Bass, Old and New
DJ Outlaw Star: The rising star in the jungle /drum and bass scene.
DJ Outlaw Star is a jungle drum and bass DJ and producer from Gloucester, UK. He started listening to the early rave scene, fantasia tapes back in the early 90s and when the jungle sound hit the UK in 93-94 he was hooked.
Getting his first pair of decks at the age of 17 Outlaw Star has been an avid vinyl collector ever since and has an extensive jungle and drum and bass record collection spanning over 20 years.
Mixing and practicing everyday he started putting tapes out with his original crew the 'vinyl quartet' and started getting bookings for local gigs. The rest is history.
Production & DJ:
Outlaw Star originally started producing on the playstation 1 ''Music 2000'' game which gave him an introduction and then went on to do a sound engineering source at Gloucester tech college 2003. He started getting his first dubplates cut around that time using the original 'Reason 1' music program. Around that time he was one of the first presenters to go on the first live broadcast for GFM and had a show there for many years. At this time he was getting lots of club bookings locally and around the country and carried on with his production and his first release came out 2009 on the label Audio Sin with his track 'I Love you and Gambino' going in at number 6 in the Nu Urban Drum and Bass chart. He then had a release on American drum and bass label 'Mindstorm recordings' with his track 'Special Kung Fu'.
More recently Outlaw Star has been gaining a lot of traction and progressing leaps and bounds in his production, getting noticed by a lot of top artists and Djs alike, and has recently been signed to Grid recordings sister label with his track 'Head Nod' compilation release going in at number 4 in the Juno drum and bass chart. With tracks coming out on Jungle Cakes and Ruffneck Ting in 2023 and stuff in the pipeline with Dubshotta and other big labels Outlaw Star is really making waves in the scene, getting support by the likes of Kenny Ken, Bailey, Twisted Individual, DJ Tyke, Mickey Finn, Darren Jay,  Dj Virus Kool London, Dark Phoenix, Nightshift, Unkut and Unkoded, Dazee, Scott Devotion, Rob FWA and many more.
Present and Future:
Outlaw Star joined Krush FM when it first aired in Dec 2021 when he had his own show for a few months, in 2022 he joined Pirate session as a regular DJ with his 'Dubplate Show' on the third Friday of every month alongside captain MC Supa D where they tear it down with the freshest selection of upfront jungle and drum and bass dubplates from the hottest producers in the scene.
Outlaw Star continues to progress and push the boundaries of his production skills with no sign of stopping, with some massive collabs in the pipeline and lots of DJ gigs he is continuing to push forward with Krush Fm and Pirate session bringing world exclusives through the station of his own production.
A Few Words:
'' I just want to thank everyone involved in Krush FM, all the management for this opportunity to play on the radio, also a massive shout out to Supa D and all the pirate sessions crew.
I love making music and DJing and I just want to thank everyone for their continued support. I hope I can contribute to the station and give back to the scene and the music that I have been a part of my whole life, it's a real honour.
Big shout out to all the DJs and producers out there who support me, RIP to the Legend MC Skibadee''
One Love
DJ Outlaw Star


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